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Digital Marketing in the Healthcare Industry

Digital marketing rose from being a foreign concept into an integral tool for many new businesses to thrive. One of the industries affected strongly by the digital marketing industry is healthcare. What are some important things we need to know about digital marketing in the healthcare industry? Read to find out more.

The healthcare industry is a multi-billion dollar business that will never go out of demand. People need health-related products and services to care for themselves, and it comes as a basic function of normal living. The healthcare does not only cover for those people who are suffering from physical, mental, or emotional ailments, but they also have a large scope for the population who simply want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If your business is in the healthcare industry, having the right digital marketing strategy is a must. Not only does it put you ahead of the game, but it can also be one of the ways to streamline some processes in your business. Here are some things you need to learn about digital marketing for healthcare.

Tip # 1: Have an easy-to-navigate, mobile responsive website.

Having a mobile-responsive website is one of the best ways to retain leads for your healthcare business successfully. Oftentimes, healthcare companies would want to post information upfront without considering how it could appear to the user. Your website may be bombarded with walls of texts in poor readability, or your website’s format may not adjust correctly to some mobile devices.

As of 2018, 63% of internet users have accessed the web using a mobile device. This is a big leap from the previous decades when people utilized desktop computers or laptops as their main searching device. Thus, it is important to optimize your healthcare website to have good formatting for mobile devices. If you are using templates, make sure that they are described as “mobile responsive”. Additionally, you can also hire a front-end developer who knows how to convert your website into an easy-to-navigate format for mobile devices.

Tip # 2: Know how to use localized SEO.

Many healthcare businesses have their physical location–these can either be clinics, addiction rehab centers, or healthcare stores. Either way, it is crucial to have localized SEO (search engine optimization) strategies to help acquire clients within your community.

Some of the ways to have better-localized SEO include:

Paid SEO advertisements for the local target audience

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing have sponsored post programs or advertising networks that can be geared towards local SEO. For example, you can specifically ask your ads to appear on people searching for localized terms. For example, “dental clinic in Dallas, TX”. Paid localized SEO can be a great way to quickly boost your leads as they don’t require much time to rank higher in search engines.

Paid localized advertisements from social media websites

Social media websites such as Facebook or Instagram also have sponsored post programs which get insights from a person’s location and use them to post appropriate advertisements. For example, when a user’s GPS is turned on, or they previously had searched about a specific location, this information would be sent to their social media sites, making it possible to post your advertisement as something relevant.

Using localized SEO keyword strategies

Although this strategy may take time to see results, it is one of the most standard ways to consistently get clients without shelling out money for sponsored posts. One of the main principles in this strategy is to use location-specific keywords. For example, you may try to place consistently “health supplement store in Tampa, FL” as a keyword for the content of your website. When search engines notice that your website has these keywords, the more likely that users will find the website relevant to their searches.

Tip # 3: Have an informational blog.

Another branch of digital marketing that is vital for healthcare businesses is the consistent creation of informational blog posts in their niche. For example, skin care businesses should have a blog that has articles relating to skin care topics. In this type of business, you should have engaging, useful articles that help answer people’s questions. Keyword research is an important tool to find out which terms you would want to include in your business’ blog.

Additionally, the informational blog must be formatted in such a way that there’s a call-to-action that can benefit your business. This may include terms such as:

  • “Call us for a consultation.”
  • “Visit our shop for more information about this product.”
  • “Find a list of our services.”
  • “Subscribe to our health newsletter.”

When people find your healthcare-related blog useful, the more that you will be able to build trust especially if you are new in the industry. You can also promote these blog posts in your social media accounts aside from relying solely on search engines.

Tip # 4: Promote offers or give out helpful information through emails.

Having an email capture strategy is a great way to maintain an audience. As previously mentioned, creating an informational blog can help you get ranked in search engines. However, this does not guarantee that people will agree to your products and services right away, especially if you are a healthcare startup business.

One of the most important things to consider when building a digital marketing strategy in the healthcare industry is learning how to capture emails of potential leads. Some websites show a pop-up or offer a freebie in exchange for the user’s email address. For the healthcare industry, you can provide an informational booklet or a coupon discount for your product or service. Once you establish this system for email capture, you must send out offers regarding your business such as discounts for first-timers, sales, or free consultations.

Additionally, you can also link back to your website for more useful blog posts. Either of these strategies can help you move your business forward and build trust for your future clients.

Tip # 5: Consider video marketing as well.

According to 63% of businesses, video marketing is a tool that is important for their growth. Creating engaging and informational videos can be a supplemental tool to help clients learn more about your business. As all people are multi-sensory learners, videos prove to be the most engaging digital marketing tool to help users understand a particular subject.

There are many video editing tools that are built-in for free, such as iMovie. However, you may need to have a video editor which can create more professional videos if you own a corporate healthcare business. These videos can be posted on social media sites or embedded on your website.

Find success in digital marketing

If your business is new in the digital marketing space, do not be intimidated by the to-do tasks to help you get clients online. Just follow these solid, simple tips, and you are sure to have a jumpstart towards a strong digital marketing strategy for your healthcare business.


Author Bio: Patrick Bailey is a professional writer mainly in the fields of mental health, addiction, and living in recovery. He attempts to stay on top of the latest news in the addiction and the mental health world and enjoy writing about these topics to break the stigma associated with them. 

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