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Grow Your Business Online

With Google we can harness the most powerful search engine traffic source that exists and get you noticed in the places that matter. This is your secret weapon.

Increase Business Exposure

Give your business the online presence it needs to dominate your competition and market your brand to the right audience.

Grow Your Customer Base

Our SEO service helps drive customers from the best place on the Internet directly to your website more effectively than any other marketing strategy in use today.


Detailed Reports

You will receive monthly SEO reports that show how your rankings have changed over time, and much more, along with special updates from the SEO industry. We also want to pass along any information we learn over time that we think can affect and help your business - your success is our priority. This way you can stay up-to-date with the things that matter most.

Increase Revenue

Enough with marketing that does not work! Watch as your business grows from our proven process that has generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue for other businesses.

Let’s Work Together

By becoming a client of ours we become a team. Keep in mind that we are here to help you solve a problem. We do not want to be faceless strangers. We want to be an essential part of your business.


Not only are we SEO professionals but we are also a part of various mastermind groups with other high-level professionals. We discuss current strategy, including what does and does not work, and stay on top of the industry. This critical factor allows us to always be ahead of our competition and dominate Google. Your competition does not stand a chance.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best online marketing strategy in existence. Why? Because it brings highly targeted traffic directly to your website versus you trying to target them.



We make sure your website looks good to Google so they notice your website over your competition. We can also create mobile-friendly websites that your customers will be able to efficiently use on their mobile devices.


By controlling the links coming to your website, we can prevent spam and build up your website authority. Off-page SEO includes link control, business citations and much more.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most important weapons in an SEO's arsenal. We make sure your social media properties have proper optimization. Don't have any social media properties for your business? We have you covered.


Stay Current

SEO growth is explosive and gaining more ground every day - and your competition is sure to be taking advantage if they aren't already. Forecasts show small businesses will spend $80 billion a year on SEO by 2020. No business can afford to fall behind the times and essentially hand their competition money.

Simple Contracts

Why should you have to stick around if you are not getting results? Our month-to-month contracts are worry-free so you can stay focused on your business and we can stay focused on helping yours grow as fast as possible.

Cost Effective

With SEO you receive a better return on your investment compared to other marketing strategies. You also save time and money since you are getting put directly in front of a targeted audience searching for your products and services.

Brand Credibility

People naturally trust the first websites they see in Google - if Google says you are the best then you must be, right? The higher you show in Google the higher your perceived trust and the more likely a user will visit your website and business. The top spots in Google account for about 61% of visits.
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Warp Drive

A business without a dominant online presence is similar to inertia, which is the tendency to remain unchanged. Here at Strasdesign, we "flip the script" and increase all the external forces you need for your business to reach the speed of light.


Think we can only rank one website? Think again. We can completely take over an entire page of Google for the keyword of your choice. We do this by ranking your website, social media and citation properties.


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