New to Strasdesign ?


Let's see together how things work here !


1. The hosting

hebergementIn order for your website to be visible everywhere in the world and available 24/7/365, it must be hosted on a server. 
Your website will be hosted on my own server provided by Siteground.  This compagny provides very good technical support. The team can be contacted by chat 24/7 and has always shown great responsiveness. 

You will have your own domain name (,a professional email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), forwarders, autoresponder and much more.



2. Choose the design of your website

chooseStrasdesign sells ready-to-use websites which will be personalized with your pictures, texts and logo.
You will not have a static website but a real content management software based on the technology Joomla 3. Browse the "demo" section and let yourself seduced by our various designs. Do not hesitate to test the different styles and color variations. All features present in demo (facebook fan page, testimonials, instagram, contact form, analytic) will be created and configured for you. Beside the main website, I will also create your own facebook fanpage, a live chat, an instagram and a twitter account.



3. The order


You have found the website of your dreams? Great. Feel free to contact me (by chat, email or phone) if you have any presale question. I will be glad to help you. By clicking the "buy now" button


you will be redirected to the order form. The complete system + customization starts at $129 (VAT included).

Then choose the level of service you want (startup/Growbig/Gogeek).

The payment is secure. Immediately after the payment you and I will receive the details of your order. You have 30 days to change your mind and ask for a refund or for an exchange (installation of an other website). Note that an exchange can just be done one time. The third exchange will be consider as a new purchase and charged $129.



4. Installation and customization

configurationAfter confirmation of your order, I will get in touch with you and proceed to the installation and configuration of your website on the server. Then it only remains to customize it in order to be perfectly suited to your brand. Expect 10days from the date of your order to perform this operation. I will contact you by email for you to send me photos or videos of your store or workshop but also your products (possibility to copy them from the web if you are already selling on plateforms like Etsy, amazon …) pictures of yourself, your logo if you have one ( possibility to create it for $30 if needed) , the address of the company, opening hours ... I will write a short description of your business, and create a facebook fan page, twitter and instagram accounts. Finally, I will send you an email containing all the credentials (username and password of all services).



5. Help 

helpYou have a lifetime technical support for maintenance and the customization's service is free for 8 months. You can contact me by chat email or phone (from Monday to Friday 9:30 to 8 PM, french hour, but I prefer emails) to make changes on your website. Note that an automatic backup system (in addition to the one on the server) is integrated to ensure a maximum of safety. Do not hesitate to contact me, I will be glad to help you.



6. It's over!

okYour website is delivered, you can enjoy it. You are now ready to attract more clients and amaze your business partners !


7. Do you want more ?

Do you want more features than those currently available? Understand that Joomla proposes thousands of applications for your  website. Let me know your needs and I will find the best solution for you. Understand that some apps are free of charge and some others are paid applications. I will send you the list and let you choose which one you want me to install. I will only charge $25 to install and set up the application.