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Hacks for Insomnia: Expert Advice for Better Sleep

Everyone in the world is troubled by the problem of waking up overnight and not sleeping. Stress at the workplace, being intimately involved in technical work – are among the main causes of Insomnia. So, get rid of this problem in a smart way. Lack of sleep can lead to physical fatigue and irritability, which can have a bad effect on performance. Lack of sleep can lead to diabetes, High Blood pressure, heart disease and even death from a heart attack.

If you are troubled by the problem of not getting sound and deep sleep, then try these tips for insomnia treatment:

1. Eat dinner early

Sleep experts and medical researchers often insist that dinner should take place 1.5 or two hours before going to bed, otherwise indigestion may occur which is the main cause of insomnia. This can help you with trouble sleeping.

2. Change Your Bed

An uncomfortable mattress can ruin your sleep, forcing you to wake up overnight and change sides. This can cause long-term damage to muscle tension, nerve compression, body pain, and anatomical changes. Much research has been done with mattress manufacturers to develop the structural design of mattresses.

3. Sleeping place

You must make sure that your sleeping place (bed) does not have work-related items, mobile or other recreational items. Ensure a particular place as a ‘comfort zone’ and place such things in that place, which will help you in restful sleep. For this, scented candles, concentrating music, constant sounds like raindrops will provide the necessary peace of mind to you, allowing you to get restful sleep.

4. Exercise daily
Exercise has a key role in quality sleep.
It can expand the duration and nature of sleep by boosting the generation of serotonin in the brain and reducing the amount of cortisol (stress hormone). Hence, it helps to get rid of trouble sleeping.

5. Avoid Naps During the Day
Because of poor sleep at night, people with insomnia will, in general, be sleepy during the day. This regularly prompts daytime napping.
A few investigations have indicated that normal, long (two hours or more) and late naps may cause poor night-time sleep quality and even sleep deprivation. Avoiding day naps can help you with trouble sleeping.

6. Listen to Relaxing Music
Music can essentially improve the nature of sleep. It relaxes our mind and reduces the degree of stress. It can also help you with trouble sleeping and improves the serious sleep problems like insomnia.

7. Try Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy is based on applying essential oils and using aromatic materials. It helps in improving psychological fitness and relaxes our mind.
Lavender and damask rose are popular and effective scents. These help in improving sleep quality.

8. Limit Caffeine
Caffeine is used to keep us awake. It fights with fatigue and sleep. You might also drink coffee during exams that keep you awake. Product like coffee contains a large amount of caffeine.
It is recommended to drink coffee at least 6 hours before going to bed.

9. Adjust Your Sleep Position
Sleep position is the main factor of good sleep. Quality sleep relies on the sleeping position. There are 3 sleeping positions: back, side and stomach. It is studied that back sleepers get quality sleep than others.
But an investigation of 16 persons was done who were unable to sleep. The result was that they were back sleepers.
So, sleep position can be different for everyone.

10. Read Something
Reading a book can also help you get quality sleep. You may have noticed that children get to sleep after listening to a story or poem.
Reading a book doesn’t mean that you read from an e-book, you need to read only a physical book. This also helps you get rid of trouble sleeping.

I hope you will like some of the important tips to improve sleep quality, insomnia treatment and help you with trouble sleeping.


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