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Looking for buying do follow backlinks and guest blogging opportunities ?

You came to the right place!

Our guidelines are designed to facilitate the writing process and give you the tools to make the magic happen.

Why write for us ?

Proper topic research is where your guest post adventure should start – check the most popular questions at quora.com and LinkedIn groups:

  • Our readers live, breath and eat(?) SEO, webdesign, business, entrepreneurship, lifehack, psychology and even entertainment . They are business owners – so make it interesting for them.
  • Our readers love useful “How to guides”, tutorials, case studies, actionable content, and a good read in general.
  • Generic posts are good too !

How to write for Strasdesign ?

Just few things to include and make sure you follow. As our experience shows, this is what generates the most traffic:

  • Post length: no less than 800++ words.
  • Make sure to guide the readers with images and steps where it’s necessary.
  • Optimize for long-tail focus keyword
  • It must be unique.
  • Include 2 do-follow backlinks wherever you want. Link building is one of the most important things you can do in terms of off-site search engine optimization.

Step by step guide how YOU and Strasdesign will create the next best-seller

  • Step 1: Seems interesting? Wanna give it a shot? Cool, let’s do this! You do the topic research and email strasdesign.eu(at)gmail.com with the topic you could write about.
    • Subject line must be “Guest Post Inquiry”.
  • Step 2: We agree on the topic and you will create a quick summary of how the post will look like. This is where we will decide if we work with you or not.
  • Step 3: If you have done a good job, congratulations. We will invite you to pay the $40 fees in order to secure your spot and present the draft.

You will be allowed to place 2 do-follow backlinks on the keyword of your choice wherever you want in your article. Just Make sure to make the post actionable and useful for our readers. 

  • Step 4: If you have got this far, your post will see the daylight. We publish your post, you get your do follow backlinks and we make sure as many people as possible see what you have written.


This guest posting service costs $40.

Strasdesign is a great place to buy backlinks and improve your ranking. We offer high quality link building service for your website.


  • By submitting your guest post, you accept to give us full copyright and ownership of the content.
  • We usually edit guest posts to correct typos and grammatical errors only.

What are you waiting for building links ?

Submit your topics and get your writing in front of quite a few thousand people.

Good luck from the Strasdesign team 😉

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