I build websites that will
actually make you money.

I focus on things like profit, and results - the kinds of things that will directly affect your business, and ... your life.

Your website exists for only one purpose –


The websites I build for my clients communicates their unique selling proposition, demonstrates their authority, builds their audience, and earns them more clients.

Unlike other designers or developers, I solve the specific challenges that coach face with getting in front of ideal prospects.
I use design to guide your audience towards taking action. Whether that be…

- Signing up to your email list
- Sharing your content
- Completing your lead generation form

these are the actions that will grow your audience, your network, and your business.

I don’t want to build you a website that just looks great. I want to build you a website that makes you more money.

The Evolution

I worked for 5 years as a subcontractor for a german web design compagny before setting up my own business in 2017.

Here at Strasdesign, I understand the connection between a high quality, well designed website and maximizing profit. I also understand that your online presence should represent your brand as well as any of your sales and marketing materials.

That the reason why I only design polished websites that attract visitors, keep them clicking through your site’s pages, and ultimately translate into sales.

So, how much would that help your business if your website could generate 3–4 qualified leads per week ?

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