Your website exists for only one purpose: to GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

The websites I build for my clients communicates their unique selling proposition, demonstrates their authority, builds their audience, and earns them more clients.

Unlike other designers or developers, I solve the specific challenges that coach face with getting in front of ideal prospects.
I use design to guide your audience towards taking action. Whether that be…

- Signing up to your email list
- Sharing your content
- Completing your lead generation form
- Purchasing your products
- Commenting on your article
- Contacting you to inquire more about your services

…these are the actions that will grow your audience, your network, and your business.

I don’t want to build you a website that just looks great. I want to build you a website that makes you more money.


I am Frederic Cottart, your savvy web designer from Strasbourg, France.

Here I understand the connection between a high quality, well designed website and maximizing profit. I also understand that your online presence should represent your brand as well as any of your sales and marketing materials. 

That the reason why I only design polished websites that attract visitors, keep them clicking through your site’s pages, and ultimately translate into sales.
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