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500+ Sites to Guest Post in 2021 – Strasdesign

What’s in it for you?

Get Exposure: Gain access to a fresh batch of audience which could be just the traffic you’ve been waiting for.

Guest posting on blogs is a fantastic way to build brand recognition, establish yourself as a credible expert in your field, and drive traffic to your website. Plus it makes Google happy by giving you some extra SEO-juice from those inbound links. The only problem is we need to find those website which are accepting guest posts.

So I decided to provide a good , decent list of websites to those who are looking for High DA PA Guest Blogging / Post Site List.

This is why I have decided to add huge website list in various categories / niches . I am also open add more sites in below list so If you any authority site then drop me a comment.

Guest blogging is one of the best investments you can make towards promoting your online business. But why invest time, money, and effort into coming up with quality content for another person’s blog if you can spend it on your own? The idea of guest blogging may seem counter-intuitive to the way many have been brought up, but it is not.

Guest blogging can create substantial direct Internet Traffic from backlinks.

Location! Location! Location! This concept is the easiest for everyone to understand. Getting more foot traffic can equal more customers and more customers can equal higher sales. Think of how the placement of a company in a busy mall can help sales. Hence the location of your business is critical when it comes to sales. In fact, when entrepreneurs locate a company in busy economic areas, they have a better chance to get sales.  Therefore placing a good blog post on a busy blog will get your company noticed.  And, if the post includes a link that sends quality traffic to your website that can be a huge bonus.

Quality backlinks will improve you ranking

Google counts the number and quality of links and citations to a page to determine the significance of a website. The assumption is that high-quality sites are likely to receive more links and excerpts from other websites.

For this reason, link building has been the focus of SEO efforts. And guest blogging has been one of the more successful approaches to link building.

“Do follow” backlinks matter most.

Because it easy to create links, search engines came up with a way to stop people from manipulating search results. Google created a special “no follow” tag that needed to be part of the link when the link is a paid or non-editorial link.

My favorite Google Queries for Finding Guest Posting and Content Syndication Opportunities:

“Add Articles”                                         “Add Content”
“Submit Article”                                      “Submit Post”
“Add Guest Post”                                    “Bloggers Wanted”
“Guest Bloggers Wanted”                        “Guest Post”
“Guest Posts Roundup”                           “Guest Blogging Spot”
“Write for Us”                                         “Submit a Guest Post”
“Submit Guest Post”                                “Become a Guest Blogger”
“Submit a Guest Article”                           “Guest Post Guidelines”
“Guest Bloggers Wanted”                          “Submit an Article”
“Group Writing Project”                             “Want to Write for”
“Blogs that Accept Guest Posts”                 “Blogs that Accept Guest Blogging”
“Blogs that Accept Guest Bloggers”           “Blogs Accepting Guest Posts”
“Become a Contributor”                             “Contribute”
“Submit Design News”                               “Submit News”
“Community News”                                   “Submit Tutorial”
“Submit Blog Post”                                   “Suggest a Post”
“Suggest a Guest Post”                             “Become an Author”
“Contribute to our Site”                             “Become a Contributor”
“Become a Guest Writer”                            “Places I Guest Posted”
“My Guest Posts”                                      “Publish Your News”
“Submission Guidelines”                              “Guest post by”
“This guest post was written”                     “Guest Contributor”
“This guest post is from”                            “This is a guest article”
“Now Accepting Guest Posts”                      inurl:guest-posts
“The following guest post”                          inurl:write-for-us
inurl:guest-post-guidelines                        inurl:profiles/blog/new

Looking for buying do-follow backlinks and guest blogging opportunities ? Here is a list of Blogging / SEO / Marketing Blogs That Accept Guest Posts


Technology Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Health /Fitness / Entrepreneurship  Blogs That Allow Guest Blogging


Finance Blogs  / Self Development That Accept Guest Post

Travel Blogs That Allow Guest Blogging

Photography Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Art Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Business/Small Business Blogs that Accept Guest posts

Freelancing Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Gaming Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Science Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Celebrity Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Book Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Family Blogs that Accept Guest posts

Gadget Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Computer Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Entrepreneurship Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Food Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Sport Blogs that Accept Guest posts


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